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0:09 - Enhanced Telecom

    Level 1
    Animation & VO
    Animations of people, tech & everyday objects
    Ideal for B2C


0:27 - Seaport Global

    Level 1
    Animation & VO
    Abstract visuals
    Engaging typography, eye-catching colors
    Ideal for B2B


0:45 - Stella & Chewy’s 

    Level 2
    Animation, Text & VO
    Human and animal animation
    Rich visual style


1:15 - Edelman Business Marketing

    Level 2
    Engaging text animation
    Abstract visuals
    Minimalist design


1:33 - Looney Pruney

    Level 3
    Creative character design
    Realistic 3D and cartoon animation
    VO acting


2:02 - Germania

    Level 3+
    Human and animal animation
    Stylized cartoon design
    Complex particle simulations

2:33 - Allied Packaging

    Company Overview
    Scripted interviews
    Gimbal footage
    Drone footage

2:48 - Ball - Sustainability

    Social Media
    Optimized for mobile phones
    Plays well without sound

3:03 - Shell Avelia

    Live Events
    Live multi-cam capture
    Video and audio of multiple presenters
    Text highlighting points

3:09 - Ball - Electric Boogaloo

    Fast-paced editing
    Edgy motion design
    Docu-style filming


3:49 - Muse

    3D Animation of product
    Small animation flourishes
    Professional actors and sets


4:18 - Everything Breaks

    Green Screen
    Digital green screen replacement
    Animation to highlight key points


4:30 - CK Mondavi & Family

    Mixed Media
    Combination of video & pictures
    Fun collage design


5:00 - Kaspersky Labs

    Interactive Video
    Repurposed existing and/or new custom footage
    Branching option maps


5:33 - Light Touch 

    Interactive Video
    Custom made
    Scripted actor
    Straightforward options


6:31 - Dowinx Gaming Chair

    Eye-catching CGI
    Fast-paced editing

7:01 - Everything Breaks

    TV Commercial
    Entertaining script
    Large, complex production
    Live-action special effects

7:25 - Intersect Illinois

    Expert curation of stock footage
    No filming required

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