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About Light Touch Media Group

Light Touch Media Group uses e-marketing software platforms to communicate with current and future businesses and marketing clients. We are a service provider to our clients, most of whom are corporate enterprises, medium businesses and non-profits. Our products and services help our clients communicate their value to prospective buyers and clients of their own as well as promote their good works on their newsletters, social networks, broadcast, conventions and other multimedia platforms and mediums. Our e-marketing campaigns are meant to educate and help current and future clients as to what we can do to benefit them and our communications are only sent with that in mind.

We send e-marketing only for Light Touch Media Group service related marketing in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act and related rules issued by the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission, United States of America. If you believe you have received unwanted, unsolicited messages sent from us and wish to no longer receive e-marketing communications from Light Touch Media Group, please email Light Touch Group’s Webmaster and Marketing administrator at and they will address this as soon as possible and respond within 2 business days. Light Touch Media Group has every intention of only communicating to those companies and their employees who wish to receive that communication and no desire to send e-marketing or information where it is not welcome and well received.

Collection of Customers’ Contact Data

Contact Data Provided by our Partners

The Contact Data provided by our partners is only information which is readily available publicly, such as email addresses, names and company address information. We may also have collected demographic information as relates to the companies we intend to help in an effort to ensure our e-marketing and communications are being received only by those we would like to render services to. This includes companies and non-profits in the United States of America. If you are receiving our communications and are not employed by a company or non-profit that bases itself in the United States of America and wishes to no longer receive our communications, please notify and our team will ensure those wishes are met.

Contact Data Provided by You

Light Touch Media Group will have your email address and other contact data under the following circumstances:

  • If you sign up to receive emails from us by means of a sign-up form, link, expressed or implied permission in correspondence;

  • If you register for an event held by Light Touch Media Group, or one with which Light Touch Media Group was a partner;

  • If you otherwise provide your email company information publicly as a representative of the company for which you work or;

  • If you otherwise submit your email address to our customer by means of inquiring after a product or service offered by Light Touch Media Group, or your email address was submitted on your behalf.

Light Touch Media Group also receives information directly from you when you interact with an email marketing campaign or other Light Touch Media Group platform that we may use as part of the services we engage for e-marketing and communication purposes. We hold any data received as part of marketing in our Customer Relationship Manager, and as such you need to contact us at if you would like to receive a record of what has been recorded.

We often include a web beacon and other tracking services in our e-marketing to collect performance metrics of our emails such as when an email was opened, email delivery status, your general geographic location, what links you click on within the email and any change in subscription preferences with the intention of providing better communications in the future, no personal or private information in collected or retained by this and this tracking method is only used to measure how our e-marketing is interacted with to better engage our clients and potential clients. Light Touch Media Group does not share any contact lists with their clients, potential clients or any other entity, nor do we share any private information you may communicate without expressed permission.

Please note that web beacons may be refused when delivered via email by disabling HTML images or refusing HTML (select “Text Only”) emails via your email software. Other tracking technologies used in our email campaigns are only activated when you click on a link in an email or otherwise interact with content in an email, and you may opt out of such data collection by not interacting with emails sent from our platform.

We may also collect data about the devices and types of browsers that are used to access our website(s) including IP address, type of operating system and the content that is viewed on our website(s) and how users navigate between our webpages.

We (or another third party) may also set a cookie on your browser when you access a registration form, or similar webpage from our email in order to better track visitors to our website(s). For more information on how to manage cookies in your web browser, visit

Use and Sharing of Customers’ Contact Data

We will never email our lists of contacts to other companies. We provide products and services to our customers and only retain their contact information and the information listed in this notice to better service them in the future and know better what future clients we are most likely to be of service to. Information we collect about your interaction with us is only retained and used in accordance with our security and compliance programs.

We may share your information with service providers who develop certain features and functionality that integrate with our marketing platforms, provided that such sharing does not include personal information not publicly available about you as a representative of your company. This allows us to make certain we are marketing to only those who are interested in hearing from us and better judge who those future clients may be with our outreach and usually in the form of demographic information. We impose obligations on our service providers to ensure they use data in a manner consistent with our use and consistent with applicable privacy laws.

We are located in, and store and process your information in, the United States, although we may use service providers outside the United States. We retain your information in compliance with applicable privacy laws.

Customer Contact Targeting

We utilize certain features that allow us to better target who we contact through our e-marketing and communications. In order to do this, we may also partner with third parties who have provided us with information about you. If both you are located outside of the European Union, this may include demographic information, shopping histories, geographic location and details about interactions with marketing communications. We require that these partners are contractually or legally permitted to share this information with us.

We opt in to these features so that they can optimize our campaigns, segment our contact lists, and better customize our offerings to you. We comply with all applicable laws and maintain compliant privacy policies. For more information about how we use the enriched data we receive, and about how you can opt out of having this data collected by us, please contact us at


All emails you receive through our platform include an easy, automated way to stop receiving marketing emails from us (unsubscribe). If you wish to unsubscribe or update us on what e-marketing you would like to receive, simply click on the Unsubscribe, SafeUnsubscribe® at the end of any email you receive and/or reply to the sender address. If you believe you have received marketing communication that goes against these wishes, please report to and we will handle it as soon as possible.

Residents of the European Union

Light Touch Media Group does not own the contact lists or databases intent on contacting residents of the European Union who are employed by companies not based within the United States of America. We do employ “data processors” under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and they have no obligation to keep your data safe and secure. We instruct our “data controllers” on what to send contacts (to the extent the GDPR applies to them) to send emails on our behalf and to assist us with fulfilling data subject rights requests made directly to us, such as correcting or deleting an individual’s contact information. If your personal information is held in Light Touch Media Group’s database(s), it is our responsibility to deal with your request to the extent necessary per the GDPR.

If you have a query or would like to make a data subject rights request under the GDPR, we recommend that you reply to send it to

California Residents

Light Touch Media Group utilizes service providers under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). When engaging service providers in this capacity, we have them process personal information on our behalf, and we have a direct relationship with the contacts who use our services or products or visit our website(s).

If your personal information is held in our database, it is our responsibility to respond to your requests and to the extent necessary our service providers will support this.

If you have a query or you are seeking to exercise your rights under the CCPA, you should contact Light Touch Media Group directly at

Notification of Changes

We may update the information on this page at any time, so please review it frequently.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this document, please contact us at or write us at:

100 S Belcher Rd Unit 4233
Clearwater, FL 33758, USA

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