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Thank you for taking the time to connect with our team so we can introduce you to our agency and all we have to offer our clients!

Light Touch Media Group is a U.S. based digital content production agency that specializes in Live and Animated video production of all types, graphic design services, infographics, PowerPoints and messaging. We have also just started offering a new cutting edge offering which is extremely new and innovative called Interactive video.

Below are some examples of the different types of work we do. While most of this is our work, we included a few other samples for sake of example.

Level I Animation

$2625/30 Sec, $3675/60 Sec, $4725/90 Sec, $5775/120 sec

Stock Footage

$2625/30 Sec, $3675/60 Sec, $4725/90 Sec, $5775/120 sec

Level 2 Animation

$3675/30 Sec, $5775/60 Sec, $7350/90 Sec, $8925/120 Sec

Mixed Media Animation

$3675/30 Sec, $5775/60 Sec, $7350/90Sec, $8925/120sec

Level 3 3D Animation & High End Character

$6090/30 Sec $9870/60 Sec, $13,650/90 sec $17,430/120 Sec

Live Footage

$10,500 - $20,000 ( custom quote)

TV Commercials, OTT & Videos with Actors

Pricing: custom quote
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