3D Animation

From industrial design to Pixar-level world-building.

World-Class Animation: Immersive experiences, built pixel-by-pixel for perfectly compelling communication.

Animation That Inspires, Intrigues, and Invigorates.

Appeal to Sense + Reason with 3D Animated Videos

Not every brand or product requires 3D for an effective presentation, but when time and budget allow it, there’s no more exciting and compelling way to communicate an idea than with high end 3D animation.

We offer a wide stylistic variety of 3D offerings, from Computer Aided Design (CAD) videos for heavy industry to cartoon character animations that could be shown on the big screen. Our world-class team of animators will be fighting over your next 3D project and working overtime to create the most effective and engaging content we deliver.


3D animation captivates attention, conveys complex concepts with clarity, and leaves a lasting impression on viewers. It offers a modern and engaging way to showcase your products or services, setting you apart from competitors and ultimately enhancing brand recognition. With its ability to present ideas in visually compelling and memorable ways, 3D animation effectively boosts audience engagement, maximizes click-through and conversion rates, and improves ROI.

Visuals That Speak, Sell, and Set Parameters

Tell Stories That Sell Better, Faster, and For Longer

Experience has shown us that top-level 3D animated video works to raise ROI and interest across a wide variety of verticals that range from local service providers, to ecommerce brands, and nationally competitive companies.

Real Estate

3D Animation videos can showcase properties with stunning visual tours, virtual staging, and architectural visualization, offering potential buyers an immersive and realistic experience of the property before visiting in person.


High-impact 3D Animation videos can highlight vehicle features, performance, and design, creating engaging promotional content for car manufacturers, dealerships, and aftermarket products.


3D Animation videos can effectively demonstrate the functionality, features, and inner workings of complex tech products, helping consumers visualize and understand the value of the offerings.


Detailed 3D Animation videos can visually explain medical procedures, treatment options, and the functionality of medical devices, facilitating patient education and enhancing the understanding of complex medical concepts.


3D Animation videos can bring fashion designs to life, showcase clothing and accessories in dynamic environments, and offer a unique visual experience that resonates with fashion-forward consumers.


Compelling 3D Animation videos can showcase exotic destinations, luxury accommodations, and immersive travel experiences, enticing potential travelers and creating a strong emotional connection with the destination.


3D animation appeals to emotion, intuition, and logic in the most convincing way possible. Help them feel something. Something powerful. Something pulling. Something magical.

Build Brands + Character. Or Both.

Literally. Bring Virtual People, Scenes + Stories to Life

Enhance Engagement: Studies show that animated visuals significantly increase viewer engagement compared to traditional content. Longer viewing times lead to a greater likelihood of conversion.

Be Remembered, Post-Video: Research indicates visual content like 3D animation enhances data retention by 65+ percent versus text-based content. With 3D by Light Touch, your key messages are more likely to resonate and be remembered by your audience.

Increase Conversions, Raise ROI: Companies using our aniimated content in their marketing campaigns have reported up to an 80% increase in conversion rates: A higher ROI, and more sales for your products or services.

Differentiate: By incorporating 3D animation into your marketing strategy, you differentiate your brand from competitors and create a unique, memorable brand identity.

Build for Future Benefits: While the production of high-quality 3D animation can require an initial investment, the long-term benefits of increased engagement, improved conversion rates, and brand differentiation make it cost-effective.

From Dreams to Deliverables: Our 3D Production Process

What to expect of the production process: Clarity, communication, and quality. And zero heavy lifting (on your end).

  • Concept Development: The team at Light Touch Media collaborates with you to understand your objectives, ideal audience, and key messages. We’ll develop a creative concept and storyboard that aligns with your vision.
  • Scripting and Voiceover: A compelling script is crafted to guide the narrative of the 3D animation video. Professional voiceover artists are carefully selected to deliver the script with clarity and emotion, enhancing your storytelling.
  • Visualization and Design: Our 3D artists bring the concept to life, creating detailed visualizations, character designs, environments, and key elements that will be featured in the animation.
  • Animation Production: The process begins, with meticulous attention to detail in animating characters, objects, and environments. Smooth movements, lifelike expressions, and seamless transitions captivate the audience.
  • Texturing and Lighting: Textures and lighting are applied to enhance the visual appeal and realism of the 3D elements, creating depth, ambiance, and visual interest within the animation.
  • Sound Design and Music: Sound effects and background music are carefully selected or composed to complement the narrative and enhance the overall viewing experience.
  • Review and Feedback: Throughout the production process, our team at Light Touch Media maintains open communication with the client, providing  ample opportunities for welcome feedback and revisions to ensure the animation aligns with your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our creation process for 3D Animation.

The time required to fully produce and render a 3D Animation video will vary based on factors such as the video’s length, complexity, and level of detail involved. Generally, the production timeline can range from a few to several weeks, with more complex projects taking a bit longer to complete.  (We’ll work diligently, and provide a predictable timeline for you.) For a more accurate estimate, it’s best to discuss your specific project details with our team at Light Touch Media.

The cost of fully producing and rendering a 3D Animation video  will vary based on factors like video length, complexity, and level of detail. Generally, the cost can range from a few to several thousand dollars or more. For a more accurate estimate, let’s discuss your goals and project details. We’re solution people first and foremost.

The best lengths for 3D animated promotional videos are typically between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, as this duration is engaging and concise. In terms of dimensions, it’s advisable to use standard high-definition formats such as 1920×1080 or 1280×720 to ensure compatibility across various platforms. Additionally, utilizing widescreen aspect ratios like 16:9 is recommended for a cinematic feel. Lastly, the format should be compatible with popular video platforms, such as MP4, to facilitate easy sharing and viewing.

The best ways to capitalize on your 3D animation assets typically include: 1. Uploading to (all) Video Platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Rumble? 2. Share Shorts on Social Media: Instagram, and TikTok; and share the full video on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 3. Include it in Email Campaigns. 4. Integrate it into your website; embed it on your homepage, product pages, or dedicated landing pages. 5. Showcase it at trade shows, presentations, conferences. 6. Consider paid ads, if your video is geared toward top-of-funnel, or mid-funnel viewers.

The most effective color palettes and styles will depend on your brand’s identity, your specific product or service, and the emotions you aim to evoke. Vibrant and bold color palettes are great for energetic, attention-grabbing visuals. More sophisticated, muted tones are best for a more refined and elegant feel. Much easier said than done, our team at Light Touch will take care of this and more—with your direct and welcome input. Ultimately, colors and styles should align with your brand’s personality and resonate with your target audience to create a lasting impact. Again, Light Touch Media will do all this and more for you, in tight liaison with your team, acting as a natural extension of it.

3D Animation offers many advantages but, yes, there are some limitations worth considering when using it. There are alternative options that might work well for your specific scenario, and we’ll be happy to discuss these with you, including: 2D Animation, Live-Video, Infographics and Motion Graphics, Interactive Web Experiences, and more. Our team at Light Touch Media will help you choose the most suitable visual format for your specific needs, budget, and vision. There are endless option that can effectively complement your overall marketing strategy.

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