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Interviews, events, and everything in between, anywhere in the world.

Corporate Content: On-the-ground videography that places your facilities, people, purpose, and passion into the best light possible.

Bring Clients, Customers, Investors, or the Whole World Behind-the-Scenes

Let the World Know Why and How You Do What You Do.

Effective live video seems easy in the age of instagram selfies, but the truth is, creative corporate content that truly engages an ideal audience and facilitates the desired outcome takes expertise and a lot of practice.

We’ve created thousands of videos for household name brands, including award-winning thought leadership series, comprehensive live event coverage, and niche filming like aviation and underwater shoots.

From providing the right professional gear (and the expertise to maximize it) to making a nervous interviewee come across like a seasoned pundit, our team of professional videographers, lighting and sound techs, and editors work as a seamless extension of your team, creating content that’s totally on brand, modern in its look and feel, and compelling to the intended audience.

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We'll Capture the Essence of Any Event—or Your Entire Operation

Any event, any venue, any vision. Anywhere in the world.


Live video is ideal for capturing live events, including everything from conferences, to company get-togethers. Whether in a conference room, corporate venue, or halfway around the world, we'll capture it in full in high-def digital.


Welcome viewers within and show them who are, what you do, why you do it: Elements that are the essence of any brand with a great story. Whether in-action or after-hours, we'll help you capture the size and scope of what you stand for.


Size matters. So do technology, equipment, capacity, and readiness—especially if you're working to secure massive or governmental contracts. We help companies who've invested millions or more into set-up + prep, to finally showcase that fact for the world.

Your People

At the heart of every great company are people. Unique, experienced, diverse, specialist-certified, active, engaged, ready. Human. And they're often your best asset. Our crew will help them feel comfortable on camera to tell powerful stories.

Your Purpose

Physical assets and facilities lend themselves well to videography. But beyond that are the Whys. The reasons you do what you do. The lives it changes. Whether as a standalone message or as part of a larger picture, purpose matters.

Your Passion

Family-owned companies and other work of a lifetime presents a unique passion to be captured and conveyed. Here again, questions, interviews, angles, lighting, depth of field and more brings your passion to life.


Create educational, introductory, or explanatory videos that last for years to come. Light Touch can help you produce both short-form and long-form content, and one-off videos, of entire series.


Some of our largest projects involve speaking directly 'to' investors—on your behalf. Framing your vision, resources, and profit projections into an easily understood and convincing video.


Live video and other creative assets let you prop up and perfect a multi-million or billion-dollar bright idea, making it as welcoming to investors and the world as possible.


Boots and cameras on the ground, Light Touch Media handles all of the heavy lifting, from planning and preparation, to filming and final editing.

Capture Anything in High-Definition Digital.

Interviews • Investor Pitches • Corporate or Educational Content • Events • Openings • Launches • From Single Videos to an Entire Series

Top-tier videography and production that brings any event or corporate occasion to life with professionalism and artistry. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our team of videography specialists captures moments masterfully, ensuring the essence and energy are preserved. Whether it's a corporate conference, product launch, or special event, Light Touch expertise delivers unparalleled results, a lasting impression, and a powerful visual narrative that resonates with audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our live video filming and editing process.

There are three timeframes involved in Live Video: 1) Scheduling shoots, 2) Filming on-scene, and 3) Editing. We aim to schedule shoots as rapidly as possible, often within a matter of days. We can also accommodate dated events, such as product releases, conferences, and more, whose dates are client-set. Secondly, the filming of live video is finite if it involves a pre-planned event, but varies if the task is simply to film various scenes on-location. Ultimately, the time involved in these shoots depends on how much footage is to be captured, and of how many different scenes. For reference, a final 3-minute video could be distilled from either 30 minutes of shooting, or from 30 hours — all depending on the scope of the story you and Light Touch are working to tell. Editing is typically the fastest part of the process, but again varies depending on how much footage, scenes, and separate elements were involved, and the intended length of the final video. In all cases, we work to ensure the process from filming-to-final-editing is done as rapidly as possible and right on time.

Much like the time required to shoot and edit Live Video, the cost of it can vary significantly, with location (city, state, setting—are we skydiving or snorkeling? OMG we are!), number of scenes or sets to be filmed, and the length of your final video all being factors. In some settings—such as conference, grand opening, or product launch events—less ‘pizzaz’ is required [i.e., you want something simpler, more corporate, and more professional] and more seamless footage is used (even though we’ll use angle switches, zooms and fades to hold viewer interest)—so these sorts of Live Video productions are less costly, than say, a fly-through and overview of your entire operation, factory, company, etc. In any case, we’ll price competitively and very often at lower costs than other firms.

That depends upon what story you wish to tell, and on the content itself. Teasers built from Live Video might range from :30 -seconds to 3-minutes. Events, conferences, product launches, grand openings, and company overviews could range from 4-minutes to 4 or more hours. We’ll help you determine the best formats and lengths for your specific needs, or simply abide by your wishes, suggesting tweaks where warranted. Like Live Video itself, its uses are pretty infinite.

The best ways to capitalize on Live Video assets typically include: 1. Uploading them to (all) video platforms including YouTube and Vimeo, or Rumble. 2. Sharing shorts and proper clips on social media (Instagram, TikTok). 3. Sharing links to full-length video on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 4. Including it in your email campaigns. 5. Integrating it into your website by embedding it on your homepage, product pages, or dedicated landing pages. 6. Showcasing it at trade shows, events, conferences. 7. Running paid ads if your Live Video is geared toward top-of-funnel, or mid-funnel viewers.

The look and feel of your final video should be strongly and consistently branded; aligned with your company’s values and services; and appropriate to the stage of the marketing funnel it will be used at. Slight technical tweaks that take into account your sales and marketing funnels and where this specific video or videos fit in can make the difference between mediocre results and real success. We’ll help you manage everything from format and product placement, to acing interviews and on-camera appearances by your team. Or, we’ll simply capture and edit some stunning footage for you, if that’s what you need.

Yes and no. Live Video is great for what it’s great for: Capturing the moment, the people, the passion—whether you’re celebrating or skydiving—and the real things, the human things, that you do in real life. But it’s sometimes less great for things like ads and fast-paced delivery of messages. Of course, great Live Video can be combined with 2D or even 3D animation to produce something with even greater pop and punch. It all depends on your goals, use-cases, and the platforms you’re looking to use it on. But again, we’ll help you nail that down.

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