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Menu of Light Touch offerings


Combine graphic design and animation to create engaging visual content. This style is perfect for explaining complex ideas quickly and effectively, making your message clear and memorable.

2. Character Animation 2D

Anything from simple motion graphics to walking, talking animated characters. Versatile, timeless appeal that can effectively convey your brand's story.

3. Animation 3D

Captivate audiences with dynamic, immersive experiences, making your brand stand out and leaving a lasting impression.

4. CAD Product Renderings 3D

Showcase your product, correctly scaled, from every angle, enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales by providing a clear and compelling presentation.

5. Live Shoots

A well done live shoot captures real-life footage of people, places, or events, conveying authenticity and human connection. It builds trust and relatability, making your brand's message more impactful and credible to your audience.

6. Company Overview Video

A concise introduction to your company highlights its mission, values, products, and services. It builds trust, enhances brand credibility, and effectively communicates your unique selling points to potential customers and stakeholders. It's also great for recruiting top talent.

7. Testimonials / Success Stories

Nothing breeds confidence like happy customers sharing their positive experience with your product or service. Build trust, credibility, and social proof, influencing potential customers' purchasing decisions and boosting brand reputation. We're great at making your customers comfortable and confident on camera, ensuring an effective success story every time.

8. TV Commercials / OTT

Whether it's a traditional 30 second TV ad or the ever more popular and diverse OTT streaming option, reach a wide, diverse audience and leverage the credibility and broad reach of TV networks. Investing in a TV ad enhances brand visibility and drives significant customer engagement. We also create all social media variations so you get the most bang for your buck.

9. Social Content

Producing social graphic content and videos for social media engages your target audience where they spend most of their time. It boosts brand visibility, encourages interaction, and fosters a loyal community around your brand. This leads to increased engagement, conversions, and measurable ROI.

10. Interactive Video

This cutting edge technology allows viewers to engage with content by making choices or interacting with elements within the video. It boosts engagement remarkably, providing personalized experiences and enhancing learning or product exploration.

11. Custom High End Animation

Now that every company on earth understands the unique power of video, it's more important than ever before to elevate your brand's storytelling with stunning and unique visuals. It captivates audiences, sets you apart from competitors, and effectively communicates complex ideas or products, leaving a profound and lasting impression.

12. Graphic Design

Graphic design is crucial for your company as it creates a strong visual identity and enhances brand recognition. A well-designed PPT presentation, PDF sales deck or infographic make complex information easily digestible and visually appealing. This professionalism and clarity help engage your audience and convey your message effectively. Our team will respect your branding guidelines and ensure a seamless presentation across all media formats.

13. Photography

We deliver world-class, visually appealing images that reflect your brand's identity. Every effectively produced image enhances marketing materials, builds credibility, and makes a lasting impression on customers.

14. Press Release Program

We strive to create online authority for you and your brand by combining strategic content and multimedia throughout hundreds of high value digital placements and websites — all targeted and optimized for SEO.

Using this approach, we offer a unique content marketing platform that boosts your search results positions and your organic traffic remarkably. Our program takes SEO optimized content, using targeted keywords for your business, and distributes it in multiple formats.

One optimized release is repurposed and distributed as a Press Release, a Blog Post, a Podcast Episode, a Video, Infographic and Slide Deck — all with guaranteed placement on about 400 high ranking news and publishing outlets.

15. Social Media Management

Social media management involves creating, scheduling, posting, and analyzing engagement with content on social media platforms. It enhances brand presence, builds relationships with customers, increases brand awareness, and drives traffic and sales.

16. Sustainability Consultation

Companies face increasing pressure to meet net zero sustainability goals. With this rapidly evolving field, sharing progress and vision can be challenging. We're partnered with top brands to create game-changing, award-winning content. Our strategic consulting and compelling thought leadership campaigns position you as a committed industry leader in achieving net zero targets.

We help busy creatives deliver exceptional, effective content on time and on budget. From copywriting and graphic design to animation, illustration and videography, we deliver on our promises, always. No hand-holding, micro-management or extensive back-and-forth required. Contact us: hello@lighttouchmg.com

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