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Interactive Video Guide

Interactive video is quickly becoming a popular way to engage viewers in unique ways. But what is interactive video, exactly? In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about interactive video—from the basics of how it works to tips on how to create your own. We’ll provide resources and examples along the way, so that you can use interactive video as part of your marketing or learning strategy. Read on to learn more!

What is Interactive Video?

Interactive video is a type of video that allows viewers to interact with the content while they are watching it. This creates an immersive experience versus the typical linear experience of traditional video.This can be done through various means, such as clicking on links, answering questions, or taking quizzes.

Interactive video can be used for a variety of purposes such as training videos to onboard new employees, company overview videos or product demonstrations. When used for educational purposes, interactive video can help students learn in a more engaging and effective way. For example, quiz questions embedded in the video content can test student knowledge as they watch.

Company overview interactive videos are becoming increasingly popular as well. These videos often use interactive menus  to keep viewers engaged and allow them to select specific offerings they are most interested in. For example, some videos may allow viewers to make choices that affect the outcome of the story.

Marketers are also using interactive video to create more engaging and interactive ads. By adding links or other forms of interactivity, marketers can increase the chances that viewers will take action after watching their video ad.

Different Types of Interactive Video

Interactive video is a new and exciting way to create video content that is engaging and interactive for viewers. There are many different types of interactive video, each with its own unique benefits and features. Here are some of the most popular types of interactive video:

1. Company Overview Videos: Very few people are interested in sitting through a ten minute presentation on your company. But if you break it up into “snackable” content based on specific topics, your audience will self-select the subject matter they find most engaging, and will spend much more time engaging with that content. Interactive videos are much stickier than traditional video and the result is a viewer who is truly enlightened on your company and overall value proposition.

2. Employee Training Videos: Let’s be honest - corporate training typically sucks. It’s boring, and people do it to check a box, not with any real hope of being engaged and learning interesting material they can apply to their job. Interactive video is a game changer. When it’s done right, it’s the next best thing to apprenticing with a master in each field. The possibilities are truly endless and a well produced interactive training experience results in employees who understand the job, how it fits into the bigger picture, and makes people feel confident and competent which results in better performance.

3. Product Videos: At a time when people expect a personalized experience that feels totally customized to them, creating an immersive product experience can make the difference between someone choosing your product or going with a competitor’s. From “choose your own adventure” style deep dives to fun facts, quizzes and geeking out on the details, interactive video allows you to create an experience that perfectly caters to the strengths of your product and the needs and wants of your ideal customer.

4. Behind-the-scenes Videos: People expect more than ever before from the brands they buy from. They see it as an investment and an opportunity to support brands and products they feel reflect their lifestyle and worldview. Giving people a behind the scenes view that allows them to focus on the things they find most important and compelling allows them to feel good about their purchase and can increase brand loyalty over the long term.

How can you benefit from Interactive Video?

1. Increased Engagement

Interactive videos are more engaging than traditional videos, which means viewers are more likely to watch your video all the way through. Additionally, since viewers are actively involved in the video, they're more likely to remember your message and take action.

2. More Effective Communication

With interactive video, you can include calls-to-action, quizzes, and other elements that encourage viewer interaction. This allows you to communicate your message more effectively and get feedback from viewers in real-time.

3. Greater ROI

Since interactive videos are more effective at communicating your message and driving conversions, they tend to have a higher ROI than traditional videos. Additionally, since viewers are more engaged with interactive videos, they're less likely to skip ads or click away from the page.

Marketing Statistics for Interactive Video

  • Click-through rates for interactive video can reach 20%
  • Consumer engagement with interactive video is up to three times greater than with linear video.
  • Video that is interactive is up to 32% more memorable than traditional video.
  • Marketing professionals who used interactive video said it was an effective strategy 78% of the time.
  • Consumer engagement with interactive video is up to three times greater than with linear video.
  • Interactive videos are watched for 44% longer than traditional videos.
  • Marketers believe interactive video advertising is a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors 88% of the time.


Interactive video is an incredibly powerful tool for engaging with your audience. With the right technology and resources, it's easy to create interactive videos that boost engagement and increase customer loyalty. We hope this ultimate guide and resource list will help you get started creating high-quality, interactive videos that are sure to captivate your viewers. So go ahead - have fun experimenting with different types of interactivity to create unique experiences for each viewer!

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