Let us sign an NDA & get a free consult

If you’re still reading these emails you probably have some sense of what we offer and clearly there’s a need. But it’s really tough to tell if we can be helpful until we have an actual conversation.


So here’s our suggestion:

Let us sign an NDA. Then you can feel free to really open up and tell us the exact problems and challenges you’re facing.


We will then give you specific ideas of assets we can provide that will help you solve those specific problems based on our 15 years of experience with nearly 8000 projects for clients in dozens of industries and verticals.


We’ll deliver a detailed, written report with specific examples of deliverables we’d suggest and reasons why we think they’d be helpful.


We will do this at no cost and there is truly no obligation. We’re not going to blow you up with follow ups or try to strong arm you into working with us.


This is our chance to show you real value and whether you decide to work with us on a project or not, I can promise the dialogue with us will spark some great ideas you can carry forward.


We really are good at this…

To learn more about how we might be able to help you and your team or to learn about our other services like infographics, product photography, brochure design, GIFs and more, contact us and we will get back to you promptly.

We help busy creatives deliver exceptional, effective content on time and on budget. From copywriting and graphic design to animation, illustration and videography, we deliver on our promises, always. No hand-holding, micro-management or extensive back-and-forth required. Contact us: hello@lighttouchmg.com

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